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Board Meeting Highlights


In an effort to keep you informed of your Cooperative’s operations and activities, the following are highlights of the September 19 board meeting.

  1. All directors were present along with CEO Steve Seibert and administrative assistant Lisa Hinton. Also present were system engineer Todd Hammond, line superintendent Steve Fortwendel, office/IT manager Karen Mangum along with Jim Bridges of Distribution System Solutions.
  2. The August 29 board meeting minutes and special board meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.
  3. The membership certificates and vouchers were reviewed and approved.
  4. The Directors Report was reviewed and approved.
  5. The 2019-2022 work plan presented by Jim Bridges was the first item of business.  After board and staff discussion, the board adopted a resolution to approve the work plan as presented.
  6. The CEO report was presented with Seibert reporting the following items:
  1. Seibert provided a Cooperatives One update.
  2. Seibert reviewed a proposal from Catalyst Consulting LLC to assist Southern Indiana Power in performing a cost of service and rate design study.
  3. Seibert reported he met with Perry County Development Corp.’s new CEO Todd Mosby.
  4. Seibert discussed 2018 member information meeting dates and locations.  Meetings will be held in October.  Invitations will be sent to randomly selected members in each district.
  5. Seibert reported the following upcoming meeting dates: legislative meeting Sept. 25, IEC Community Day Oct. 12, Operation Round Up board of trustees meeting Oct. 24.
  1. Seibert presented directors with results of the 2018 CFC Key Ratio Trend Analysis (KRTA) report.
  2. John Elkins, job training & safety instructor with Indiana Electric Cooperative’s conducted URD switching URD trailer safety training on September 10. Seibert advised there were no lost time accidents and no public liability claims to report.
  3. Directors reviewed section four, director qualifications, of the NRECA Good Governance Task Force report.
  4. A Wage & Salary Committee meeting has been scheduled for November 14.
  5. Director Meyer was selected voting delegate and Director G. Waninger alternate to the 2018 Indiana Electric Cooperative’s Annual Meeting to be held December 3-4.
  6. Director Kleaving was elected to serve as Southern Indiana Power’s Indiana Electric Cooperative’s director for 2019.
  7. Seibert reported on the NRECA regional meeting held September 6-7.
  8. Seibert reported on the NRUCFC regional meeting held in conjunction with the NRECA regional meeting.
  9. The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be held Wednesday, October 31 at 7 p.m.