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Energy Audits

RIGHT NOW is the time to assess how much energy your home uses and evaluate what measures you can take to improve efficiency. An in-home energy audit is key to properly diagnosing energy inefficiencies in a home and increasing your comfort level.

Southern Indiana Power is offering an easy 3-Step Energy Audit and Weatherization Program that will help provide a clear path from audit to repair.  All Audits will be performed by Sherlock Homes Inspection Service Inc. 

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Energy Evaluation   $200.00


This audit will help determine what potential energy improvements should be considered.

The First Site Energy Audit includes: 

  • Building evaluation concerning general health and safety issues, and general heat waste opportunities for improvement
  • Audit report detailing opportunities for improvement
  • Member Education regarding energy improvements and why they should be considered
  • Member Education regarding rebates currently offered by the Southern Indiana Power


Diagnostic Audit  $300.00 (Only $250.00 if ordered at time of Energy Evaluation.)


This audit requires diagnostic testing to evaluate how leaky the building is, how well the air ducting is performing, and combustion analysis testing.

The Diagnostic Audit includes:

  • Building evaluation concerning general health and safety issues
  • Confirmation of general heat waste opportunities
  • Blower door test
  • Recommended Work Scope
  • Anticipated Cost of Improvements 


Do It Yourself for FREE, or choose a Weatherization Management Service for $750*

Do the suggested repairs on your own or for a management fee let Sherlock Homes take it from here.  Sherlock Homes will completely manage your repairs and retrofits, using contractors that are part of the weatherization pro network. Included in the fee is a final audit that confirms all work was completed correctly.

*A 20% improvement is guaranteed provided the following conditions are present prior to weatherization.

  1. Whole house leakage is 25% or more above the minimum ventilation rate
  2. 4 or more air ducts with duct leakage above 2.0 Pascal’s
  3. Attic insulation at or below R19
  4. Foundation Wall or Rim Joist Insulation is needed
  5. Floor cavity insulation is needed
  6. 50% of the total load is seasonal load